Premium Soap Base Recipe 



All our soaps are formulated using  the highest-quality botanic oils


ND-CP Method


Studies prove that cold processed (CP) soaps are the best for our skin. However, most CP soaps go through a very long curing time  in the saponification process (minimum 40 days), which causes soap tissues to become unstable. This weakens the integrity of the soap and makes it easily dissolvable in water.. Our new non-destructive CP manufacturing process (ND-CP) shortens the reaction time in the saponification process, which allows the soaps to create a stronger bond with a robust tissue structure. Additionally, the ND-CP method preserves the quality of the natural ingredients’ fragrance, color, and health benefits.


A Handmade Soap

in a Class of its Own



Our handmade soaps go beyond the traditional role of simply cleansing. Through daily use, our soaps provide results comparable to professional facial treatments.

11 Variety of Soaps


Our aII-inclusive collection of soaps serves all your washing needs.


Use only as intended and directed.
This product is not to be swallowed.
Do not apply on areas with scars, eczema, or dermatitis.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse out thoroughly with water.
Keep out of reach of children.

Product Information

Forest Eden LLC
424 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY 11596
Manufactured by PTR Co., Ltd.
Made in Korea
Net Weight: 100g (0.22LB)

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